Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Life 365: Day 8

Whats the big rush, these days, for everything to be so instant? Everything is right there at our fingertips, and I think its keeping us from actually BEING in the moment of life. Take a picture and automatically post it to instagram. Check in at a restaurant on Facebook. Keep tabs on a hockey game or an election on Twitter. Obviously there are things that its really nice to have instantaneously, like weather reports, traffic reports and so on, information that its good to have at our fingertips, and can help us plan and execute our day in a productive way.

But I don't know about all the rest.

I've been trying to spend less time on my phone and on my computer. Truth be told, I don't spend much time on my computer at all, its mostly my phone, and it's never out of reach.  Its been good for me. But I use my time staring into my phone for good, too. I am in constant contact with the circle of women that hold me up, and for whom I do the same...that action alone makes the world a better place. My phone is a lifeline is many ways, but it can't become a thing that sucks me in and makes me ignore the world around me.

But I think its about balance. Balancing out doing good things with technology, and the rest of the time, putting it down and concentrating on the now that you're in.

There is so much fun and beauty to be had in the now.

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